Concrete Driveway and Porch Replacement

Removal and Replacement of all the driveway and front porch.

What we did
  • Removal of porch columns.
  • Removal and haul off old.
  • Grade and lay 3/4″ base rock.
  • Form for 4” thick pore.
  • Add sidewalk to front door.
  • Installed rebar to garage foundation wall (right side)
  • Pore 21 yard concrete with fiber mix

This Driveway was over 30 years old with a layer of asphalt on top. Removal was done within a day, Grading and base rock was in two days, Forming and grade pitch was done in two days, new concrete was done in 2 pores. The first pore was right side of garage(28’x 11′), Front porch (18’x 5′) and first 20 feet off garage opening (18’x 20′). Second pore was the remaining driveway, sidewalk (3′ wide) and front door sill.