Soffit, Fascia, Guttering replacement

With this  project started with needing a soffit repaired. But with the rotten fascia boards and soffit being torn up by nesting birds became more involved.

What we did
  • Removal of all Soffit, Fascia, Guttering.
  • Replaced all Fascia boards.
  • Installed new Aluminum Soffit
  • Installed new custom aluminum fascia wrap
  • Installed new Seamless Guttering & Downspouts

After the initial inspection and estimate it was best to remove all vinyl soffit and fascia wrap. After letting the customer know they opted to get new seamless guttering and downspouts as well. When removing the fascia wrap we came across rotten wood along the gutter line of the fascia boards that needed to be replaced, both the front and back where replaced with new. The new aluminum soffit was installed along with new custom aluminum fascia wrap, and seamless guttering system.